Free Gift With Orders $20 Or Over!

Free Gift

Many stores give you a free gifts with your purchases, often something you don’t particularly like or need. It’s usually some small thing like a fridge magnet or a hair clip. But what if you already have fridge magnets covering every square inch of your fridge or you’re bald?

So we’re changing all  that! Here at our store you can choose your own free gift with every order of US$20 or over! (Or the equivalent in your own currency – see below) When your cart has US$20 or more just go to the Pocket Freebies section and add any item you like for free!

  • If you are using a different currency from US$, just select US$ from the currency selector at the top right of the page on a PC or from the menu dropdown at the top left on mobile/cell when you are on the cart page to check if you have US$20 or more in your cart. You can change it back to your currency after you’ve checked.
  • If you wish to make several visits making separate orders of US$20 or more to receive extra free gifts … that’s fine!
  • We use several warehouses for various categories of products so your free gift may arrive in a separate package.
  • If you have any problems at all, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Happy Shopping!


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